How to use ShippingEasy with OneSaas

OneSaas is an awesome platform for managing your online business. It enables merchants to connect multiple cloud solutions and setup custom workflows between those systems.

ShippingEasy has support for receiving your orders from OneSaas and shipping those orders to your customers.

How does it work?

Periodically OneSaas will send orders from your OneSaas account into ShippingEasy. After you login to ShippingEasy and ship the orders, OneSaas will pull the shipping tracking data back from ShippingEasy and push it back into the platforms that you have integrated with your OneSaas account.  Learn more about how OneSaas works.

How does the flow of information work with OneSaas?

OneSaas acts as an intermediary between your eCommerce platforms, accounting system, fulfillment app and ShippingEasy. This means that when you integrate ShippingEasy into OneSaas you will be able access all of the orders that have been placed on your individual eCommerce platforms. There is no need to integrate your stores directly with ShippingEasy as they will already be synced into OneSaas.

The example below shows BigCommerce, but the approach would be the same regardless of the selling platform.

  1. An order is entered into BigCommerce (or any other integrated store platform).
  2. After the order is placed, the order information is pulled from BigCommerce to OneSaas.
  3. The order information is then pushd from OneSaas to ShippingEasy so that it can be shipped.
  4. After the order has been processed in ShippingEasy, the shipping and tracking information is pulled back into OneSaas.
  5. Finally, OneSaas will notify BigCommerce and update it with the shipping and tracking information for the order. The information pushed back to the integrated store platform will vary based on the platform.

What happens if I click the Sync with store button in ShippingEasy?

Nothing will happen as OneSaas sends the orders to ShippingEasy.

How can I send existing orders from OneSaas into ShippingEasy?

OneSaas runs an automatic sync with ShippingEasy and your other integrated eCommerce platforms.  This sync occurs either hourly or daily, depending on your OneSaas plan selection. Learn more about OneSaas plans

Are all orders sent from my OneSaas account to ShippingEasy?

OneSaas allows you to completely customize which order statuses are pushed from your eCommerce platforms into ShippingEasy.  Please contact OneSaas for assistance configuring which statuses sync.

If I manually add an order into ShippingEasy, will it be pulled back into OneSaas?

No, only orders that are pushed from OneSaas into ShippingEasy can be pulled back into OneSaas.

If I cancel an order in OneSaas, will it automatically be cancelled in ShippingEasy?

No, OneSaas will not remove the order from ShippingEasy in the event that it is cancelled in OneSaas.

What would prevent my OneSaas orders from syncing with ShippingEasy?

There are a few things that may prevent OneSaas from pushing an order into ShippingEasy:

  • The order has an incomplete shipping address.
  • The order is missing a contact.
  • OneSaas receives a mis-calculation error from one of your other integrated eCommerce platforms or accounting system.  This may happen if you are using a custom or special discount, coupon, or tax codes.  OneSaas Support is happy to assist with resolving this problem.

What status will display for the OneSaas orders that are pushed into ShippingEasy?

All orders are pushed to ShippingEasy with the status of Awaiting Shipment.

Are product SKUs displayed in ShippingEasy?

Yes, the product name and SKU are sent to and displayed in ShippingEasy.

Are product weights displayed in ShippingEasy?

Yes, if OneSaas received this information from your integrated eCommerce platform, the information will be sent to ShippingEasy.

Are product options displayed in ShippingEasy?

Yes, if OneSaas received this information from your integrated eCommerce platform, the information will be sent to ShippingEasy.  If you are not receiving this information in ShippingEasy, when it is present in OneSaas, make sure that you have enabled these to display.  Learn more here

Are warehouse locations displayed in ShippingEasy?

No, OneSaas does not send this information to ShippingEasy.

What information does OneSaas pull from ShippingEasy after an order is shipped?

OneSaas pulls the shipping tracking data from ShippingEasy and pushes it back to your eCommerce platform.

If I combine two orders in ShippingEasy, do both orders get updated in OneSaas?

No, only one order will be updated.

If I split an order in ShippingEasy, will ShippingEasy update both tracking numbers to OneSaas?

No, only one tracking number will update to the order.

If I update an orders address in OneSaas, will it automatically update in ShippingEasy?

No, OneSaas does not send address updates to ShippingEasy.

Does OneSaas offer options to send shipment notification emails?

No, OneSaas does not send shipment notification emails.  However, your integrated eCommerce platform might send an email.  To prevent duplicate emails, please review your eCommerce platform and ShippingEasy settings.  Learn more about sending emails from ShippingEasy.


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