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Endicia has strict security controls in place to protect your information. When an account's security is breached, Endicia will suspend the account. This suspension results in the inability to log into or purchase postage. This will result in your Endicia account becoming disconnected from ShippingEasy.

To reconnect your account, you need to request a temporary pass phrase and provide it to ShippingEasy's Customer Success team. Endicia provides the option to request a temporary pass phrase online at

To reset an Endicia temporary pass phrase:

  1. In your web browser, navigate to
  2. From the left hand menu, select Forgot Pass Phrase.
  3. When prompted, enter your Account Number and select Continue.
  4. Endicia will ask for the answer to your security question.   
    • If you opened your account via ShippingEasy, this information can be found on the Postage Balance page in ShippingEasy. Learn more.
      NOTE: Endicia will allow three attempts to answer the security question.
  5. Once the security answer has been entered correctly, click the Email Me My Pass Phrase button.
  6. Check your e-mail's inbox to find the new temporary pass phrase.
  7. Email ShippingEasy support with your Account ID and temporary pass phrase at  Our team will use this information to set a permanent pass phrase and reconnect your account.


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