How to: Find USPS labels that may be eligible for a refund

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If you've been shipping for awhile, you know there are times when the labels you print are never used. You may have an order cancelled after printing the label or customers that fail to use prepaid return labels.

Whatever the case, Endicia gives you 30 days from the date of purchase to request a refund for postage purchased.

To locate labels that may be eligible for a refund review your Endicia Account Transactions for any label that shows "Label printed" with no further update. 

To review your Endicia Account Transactions:

  1. Login to your Endicia account using your Endicia login information.  
  2. Once you're logged into Endicia, go to MY ACCOUNT > REPORTS > ACCOUNT TRANSACTIONS.

  3. Download a report as CSV.

    Any labels with tracking that show as "Label printed" have not entered the mail stream.
    • If you do not plan to use the label, cancel it and request a refund. See the related articles below for steps to cancel a label.
    • If you still need to ship the package, check to see if it is past the ship date entered on the label. If the ship date has passed, the label will need to be cancelled and re-purchased if you would like to ship it. Find out how to repurchase a label.


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