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Highly versatile, packing slips enhance your customer's experience and help your shipping team prepare orders. ShippingEasy makes it simple to customize and generate packing slips.

How do I create a packing slip?

ShippingEasy offers default packing slips that contain basic order data. It's a convenient out of the box solution. Learn more about creating a template and saving it to your settings. For those with a specific vision for the packing slips, the options to customize are nearly limitless. Learn more about available design tools.

Can I create unique packing slip templates for Domestic and International shipments?

Yes! Just create one template for each and assign them to your settings by going to SETTINGS >> PACKING SLIPS. Scroll to the bottom of the page to the "Packing Slip Template" and select your templates from the Domestic and International drop down menus.

Be sure to Save your changes.

What do ShippingEasy default packing slips look like?

Take a look at ShippingEasy's default packing slips. These packing slips are best printed on 8.5"x11" paper from a laser/ink jet printer or on 4"x6" thermal paper.

How do my store and order variables map to packing slips?

Packing slip templates use three categories of variables: store, recipient, and shipment. Recipient and shipment variables are directly linked to individual order data. Store variables are linked to your store settings. Learn more.

When can I print packing slips?

It's your choice - print them before or after you have printed your labels! The maximum number of orders that can be included on a packing slip is 10,000.

NOTE: By default, packing slips will be sent to the READY TO PRINT page, where they can be opened as a PDF and sent to a printer of your choice. You can also send packing slips directly to your printer by configuring ConnectEasy. Learn more.

Find print options on nearly every page in app:

  • ORDERS page: Generate packing slips via the grey Pick & Pack button. Learn more.
  • READY TO SHIP page: Available when a combination label and packing slip is selected. Learn more.
  • READY TO PRINT page: Generate packing slips via the grey Print All or Print Selected buttons.
  • SHIPMENT HISTORY page: Print via the grey Print Actions button. Learn more.

What page formats and orientations are available for printing?

  • 4" x 6": formatted for a thermal printer. Only available in landscape.
  • 4" x 6" label, half sheet with packing slip: formatted to a 8x11 sheet for a laser/inkjet printer, compatible with Avery 5127 paper. Individual packing slips will print in landscape.
  • 8.5" x 11": formatted for a laser/inkjet printer. Opt for portrait or landscape. Only option if printing from the ORDERS page.
  • Combo slip: formatted to a 8x11 sheet for a laser/inkjet printer, compatible with OL829 paper. Packing slip will print in portrait.

How do I select the page format and orientation for printing?

How can I save paper and print 2-4"x6" packing slips to a single 8.5"x11" page?

A simple adjustment to your printer settings will let you print two 4"x6" packing slips to a single page. Learn how to configure your printer settings.

How do I add a message to my packing slip per-store?

To add a message to your packing slip on a per-store basis, you would navigate to SETTINGS> STORES & ORDERS. Click on Edit store settings for the store you want to edit the message for.
From there, click on the "Branding" tab and under the Add a packing slip message section, you can add the message you want your customers to see.
For more info on the Stores Settings page, see here.

Can I print a packing slip for drop shipments?

Yes, however, a packing slip will need to be printed on the ORDERS page, before the order is marked as shipped. Once an order has been marked as shipped, it is not possible to print a packing slip for it from the SHIPMENT HISTORY page.


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