Reconnect an Archived or Disconnected Store | How To

ShippingEasy makes it easy to reconnect a store that is archived or disconnected.

When a store is either archived or disconnected, ShippingEasy is unable to sync your orders. While the end result is the same, a store is archived or disconnected by different means.

Is the Store Archived or Disconnected?


The store is removed from your list of active stores. A record of the store is kept in the "Archived Stores" tab. Learn more.


The store integration credentials are outdated or invalid. The store will remain listed in your "Active Stores" tab, but with a 'Disconnected' alert above it.

Use the options below for help locating and reconnecting your archived or disconnected store.

Reconnect an Archived Store

  1. Click on SETTINGS icon above the blue menu bar.
  2. Under INTEGRATION, click on STORES & ORDERS.
  3. Click on the "Archived Store" tab.
  4. Click the Activate link to the right of the store listing.
  5. Click OK to confirm you want to reactivate the store.
  6. ShippingEasy will re-establish the connection to your store, and move your store listing to the "Active Stores" tab.

Reconnect a Disconnected Store

  1. Click on SETTINGS in the blue menu bar.
  2. Click on STORES & ORDERS.
  3. Locate your disconnected store in the "Active Stores" tab, and click the green Re-connect button on the right.
  4. If your credentials have changed, you may need to enter new, valid credentials. Learn more about locating your credentials.

NOTE: If these steps do not work, try a forced reconnect.


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