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This article is for merchants shipping through the EasyShip widget directly from Spark Pay® Online Store or Storenvy.  
If you have connected your store with ShippingEasy via the API, please take a look at our insurance overview for ShippingEasy subscribers

Shipment insurance provides protection against loss and damage. It assures peace of mind and safeguards the investment that you have made in your inventory.

Some USPS services include a limited amount of shipment insurance. Learn more about USPS insurance.

  • Priority Mail: $50 for domestic and international
  • Priority Mail Express: $100 for domestic and $200 for international

For shipments valued greater than the amount included in the selected service, you can insure the full value by purchasing insurance from Shipsurance, a private company offering heavily discounted rates on insurance.


How to add Shipsurance to a shipment:

  1. Within EasyShip, verify that a Confirmation option, such as Delivery Confirmation, has been selected. It will be listed in the postage costs above the TOTAL.
    NOTE: many USPS services include this. For others that do not, you can add this from the Confirmation menu.
  2. Tick the Add Insurance option.

  3. Enter the amount of insurance coverage you would like to purchase.
    NOTE: insurance coverage is in $100 increments and purchased for the entire value, regardless of the insurance coverage provided by the selected service.

  4. Select the Update button to refresh the “Postage Cost”.


More about Shipsurance:

Shipsurance insures many items that other carriers do not and offer 24/7 customer service both online and off. Shipsurance insurance is sold from the first dollar.

Aside from small and large common carrier shipments, Shipsurance covers artwork, antiques, fragile goods and jewelry. While most products are eligible for coverage, some limitations and exclusions apply. In addition, packages must be properly packed to provide minimum protection against the rigors of transport.  Before insuring your shipments, take a few minutes to read through Shipsurance’s terms of use

Note: some restrictions apply on international shipments.  Learn more about USPS restrictions and Shipsurance restrictions.

Insurance is available when a form of delivery confirmation is on the shipment (i.e. delivery confirmation, signature confirmation, adult signature confirmation). Many USPS services include this. For others that do not, you can add this in EasyShip from the Confirmation menu.

All USPS shipments (domestic and international) can be insured in $100 increments with Shipsurance, ranging from $100 to $10,000 in coverage. With one exception, First Class (domestic and international) shipments can be insured up to $999.99 in coverage.

Based on units of $100, each unit of insurance costs $0.77.

Coverage Range

Shipsurance Rate







$300.01 +

$.77 per $100


Filing a Shipsurance Claim:

In the event that you need to file an insurance claim, the process will vary depending on whether your shipment is covered by USPS insurance or if you purchased additional insurance through Shipsurance. All the information you need to file a claim is outlined in this guide

After filing a claim, you can check on a claim status via the insurer:


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