How do I comply with Amazon's policy for post-dated labels?

Amazon requires shippers to mark their orders as shipped on the day the package actually enters the mail stream.

If you purchase labels on the same day you'll ship the package:

By default, ShippingEasy will update Amazon with a shipped status on the day that your label is printed. If you ship your packages on the same day that you print the labels, then you do not need to make any changes to your ShippingEasy settings.

If you purchase labels a day or more in advance and post-date the labels:

ShippingEasy provides the option to delay notification to Amazon until the ship date. Amazon will then apply the date the update is received to the order.  

If you're ready to configure your Amazon store settings to delay store order updates, take a look at our guide: How to: Delay the shipment notification sent to my store

NOTE: Consider your time zone when selecting the time that ShippingEasy updates Amazon.

Amazon's dates are configured to US Pacific time. So, when delaying the shipment notifications to your store, be sure to select a time that is late enough in the day that it is after midnight US Pacific time.

ShippingEasy uses your local time zone for timing the notification. The local time zone is set in SETTINGS >> ACCOUNT SETTINGS.

Use this tool to find out your local time at 12:00 am PST.  This will ensure that your Amazon orders are marked as shipped on the same day you ship the order.



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