Can I print a FedEx End of Day Close / Print Manifest?

If you've been processing your FedEx shipments via FedEx Ship Manager, you're probably used to generating the required End of Day Close or Print Manifest.

Once you integrate your FedEx account with ShippingEasy, you no longer need to log into FedEx Ship Manager and you do not need to submit an End of Day Close/Print Manifest.

All shipment information is automatically sent to FedEx when your labels are created.

If your FedEx driver requests an End of Day Close or Print Manifest, let them know that ShippingEasy sends this information directly to FedEx using their API, so the shipment data has already been sent through.  

NOTE: ShippingEasy uses an API technology that sends shipment data to FedEx with each label purchase. Shippers using our application do not need an End of Day Close or Print Manifest because the shipment data has already been sent to FedEx.

All your FedEx driver needs to do is pick up the package! If you prefer, your driver can do an acceptance scan to begin the tracking trail. Otherwise, the package will be scanned in when it reaches the FedEx facility to begin the tracking trail. 


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