Why can't I buy or print labels on the READY TO SHIP page?

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The READY TO SHIP page provides you with the fastest place to purchase & print labels once you are set up with ConnectEasy. Fortunately, fixing any buying or printing problems on this page can be just as fast.

If the "Print Now" button is not activated:

It could be that you do not have ConnectEasy. This button will only work if you are using our app-specific printing configuration tool that allows you to print labels directly from ShippingEasy to your printer without opening a PDF. You will need to have ConnectEasy installed on your computer to have this option.
Learn more about ConnectEasy

If you are unable to buy your labels on the READY TO SHIP page:

  • Do you have your carrier, carrier selection and packaging filled out? If not, please fill out these selections. 
  • Is there a weight applied? If not, please apply a weight.
  • Is this an international order? If yes, please look below:
    • Make sure each customs form line item is under 50 characters.
    • Does the weight of the order match the weight on the customs form? The weight on the customs form and the label need to match. If they do not, please update each field to the correct weight.
    • Does your customs form have more than five line items? Are you printing a 4x6 label? If so, please look here for suggestions.
  • Is there an error message in red at the top of the order? If so, please try the recommendation on the error message to resolve the issue. 
  • Have you entered dimensions? If not, please do so.
  • Are the to/from addresses validating with your carrier? If your address is not validating, please look it up here (domestic addresses only).
  • Here are a few other places to look to have your address validate.
Is this a batch? If yes, please check all orders in the batch for the suggestions above. 
Carrier specific tips:


  • Do you have enough money in your postage balance for your shipment type? Keep in mind, you most likely have two Endicia accounts for USPS shipments: one for First Class shipments and another for Expedited shipments. Learn how to view your postage balance.
  • Has your Endicia Account been suspended? You can check by looking under SETTINGS> POSTAGE AND CARRIERS. If so, follow these steps to unsuspend your account.
  • Do you need to update your payment on your Endicia accounts? 

FedEx and UPS

  • Is this a FedEx or UPS shipment? If so, please verify under SETTINGS> POSTAGE AND CARRIERS that your account is still connected. 
  • Are there any holds on your FedEx or UPS accounts? If so, please contact FedEx or UPS directly regarding your account.

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