How can my international customers know where to track their orders if I use APC?

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If you are generating international labels through APC, you may find that your customers are contacting you to ask why the tracking is not working. Customers can typically track their orders via however, with APC labels, the tracking number is most accurately tracked through the APC tracking website.

A helpful tool to minimize any confusion is a custom e-mail template assigned to those packages that includes a note in the template reminding your customer to track the package on the APC tracking website.

To create a template, follow these steps: 

  1. Create a brand new e-mail template following this guide. Below, you will find an example e-mail template that we have put together for this scenario.

    Template Name: APC
    Type: Shipping Confirmation Email (and click the button to Load Default)
    Edit Tracking Note: "Please copy & paste the tracking number here for timely updates."
    NOTE: Make sure to hyper-link the word "here" to the APC Tracking website. More below.
    • Highlight the word "here"

    • Click the chain-link icon in the blue bar at the top of the editor. Paste in the APC tracking website link. Tick the box to Open in new tab and select OK

      Once the template is created, you will be sent back to the EMAIL TEMPLATES page where you will see your APC template displayed. 

  2. Next, create a Shipping Rule to automatically apply this template to your International shipments. Follow this guide to create a Shipping Rule or see the example Shipping Rule below that we have put together for this scenario.  

    Rule name: APC Shipments
    IF: Destination Type is equal to International
    THEN: Set Shipment Notice Template as APC

  3. Click Save Rule to save the Shipping Rule. 

    Once created, you will be sent back to the SHIPPING RULES page where you will see your APC Shipments rule displayed. 

Your customer will automatically receive the customized APC Shipment Confirmation e-mail with a reminder to wait up to 72 hours for the tracking to update on the USPS tracking website. 

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