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Navigate to SETTINGS from anywhere in ShippingEasy and click on the STORES & ORDERS page under INTEGRATION.

Select Edit store settings.

There are five sections that can be updated according to your preferences:




1 Store Name Name of your store autopopulated from integration information. Shown in subject line and included in salutations of default confirmation emails
2 Phone Phone number with option to update. Can be included on templates, but isn't included anywhere by default
3 Email Email with option to update. Included in salutations of default confirmation emails
4 Website Store website. Default address shown on packing slip and included in salutations of default confirmation emails.
5 Shipping Address Address of warehouse where your store ships from. Used for creating shipping labels and shown on packing slip. Will show on label as "Ship From" or "Return" address. Learn more.
6 Ship From Postal Code

For USPS Only.

If you ever need to drop your packages off at a zip code other than that listed as your default return address, then you can opt to use an alternate zip code for the purposes of calculating your postage rates.



  1. Select a store logo for emails and packing slips: Upload your store logo to include on shipment communication.
  2. Select a store logo for USPS labels: Customize your USPS shipping labels by uploading your store logo. Learn more.
  3. Add a packing slip message:Include a customized note on packing slips that includes order details, promotions and offers. Learn more.



  1. Disable automatic product catalog upload: Control the upload of products from certain selling platforms that perform this. Learn more.
  2. Display product options: Show additional product details like size, color, etc. on packing slips, pick lists, emails, and the Orders page.
  3. Set available stock at store: Enabling this setting will automatically update the inventory levels available in your store to match the current inventory level of linked products in ShippingEasy. Learn more.
  4. Import products from store to ShippingEasy product catalog: This will allow ShippingEasy to access your store and import all active SKUs with the current product listing URLs and inventory counts. Learn more.
  5. Link existing ShippingEasy Products to store: Create a direct link from individual product SKUs to your store in ShippingEasy. This link enables inventory updates to your store and identifies the product listing URLs. Learn more.



  1. Disable automatic order downloads: Download orders into ShippingEasy manually
  2. Automatically standardize and correct all domestic addresses when verified: When this option is checked, ShippingEasy will automatically change domestic addresses for which there is a suggested improvement.
  3. Download orders from my store with the following statuses: Certain stores allow you to select which order statuses are downloaded. Learn more.



  1. Send notice for post-dated labels: Delay notification of purchase of a label until the shipment date. Learn more.
  2. Send shipment confirmation email to buyer: Option to send an email to the buyer when an order has shipped along with the tracking number.
  3. Send a delivery confirmation email to buyer with delivery details (USPS only): Currently only offered by USPS, you an opt to notify a customer when a package has been scanned as "delivered" by USPS. Learn more.
  4. Send a return shipping email to the buyer: Automatically generate a return shipment notification email that includes the shipping label a user can attach to their package and send back to you. Learn more.
  5. Send a copy of shipment confirmation and return to shipping emails to: Indicate store email where a blinded copy of confirmation and return shipping emails sent to customers can be directed.
  6. Send a copy of delivery emails to: Indicate store email where a blinded copy of delivery emails sent to customers can be directed.
  7. Send buyer email replies to: Indicate store email where customer replies can be directed.


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