How is the Ship From address assigned to my orders?

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Ship From addresses are all saved within your STORE ADDRESSES settings. Learn more.

Once saved, Ship From addresses can be assigned in one of five ways:

  1. Per account
  2. Per store
  3. Via a Shipping Rule
  4. Per user
  5. Via manual override

The addresses will be applied in the following order:

Account default --> Store default --> Shipping Rule --> User profile --> Manual override

In other words, if the Account's default address (in Store Addresses) is the only address configured, this will be used for all orders and stores. However, a Store's default address, assigned in Stores & Orders, will override the Account default. If a Shipping Rule is used to assign an address, then this will take precedence. Lastly, the address assigned to the User profile will supersede all others.

Any automatically assigned Ship From address can be manually overridden from the READY TO SHIP page.

For more information about each option, read through the descriptions below.


Assigning a Ship From address per account:

You can designate a default Ship From address for your ShippingEasy account, within the Store Addresses settings. When you add a store to your account, the default address will automatically be assigned to the store, and to the Rate Calculator.

Learn how to add a new Ship From address to your account and assign it as the default. 

Assigning a Ship From address per store:

Each store can be assigned a default Ship From address within your STORES & ORDERS settings.

If no other address defaults are set, this will be used as your default address.

Learn how to assign a Ship From address to a store

Assigning a Ship From address via Shipping Rule:

Shipping Rules empower you to automatically assign a Ship From address based on complex variables.

If an order meets the rule's criteria, this address will override the store's address. As long as no user address defaults are set, this will be used as your default address.

Learn how to assign a Ship From address via a Shipping Rule

Assigning a Ship From address per user:

Individual user log-ins can each have unique Ship From addresses assigned. This helps companies with multiple locations automatically assign the correct warehouse based on who is shipping the package.

The user default address will override any address assigned to the store or set via Shipping Rule.

Learn how to assign a Ship From address to a user

Assigning a Ship From address via manual override:

If you ever want to change the Ship From address for a specific order, you can do so on an order-by-order basis from the READY TO SHIP page.

A manually assigned address will override any store or user default, as well as Shipping Rules.

Learn how to manually edit a Ship From address for an individual order or batch


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