Why are my Magento orders duplicating in my ShippingEasy account?

Magento users can manage multiple Magento websites from one admin login. Customers with multiple websites managed through the same admin login should be aware that orders may be duplicated in ShippingEasy depending on how the websites are integrated to your account. 

There are two easy solutions to avoid duplicate orders.
  1. Only integrate one store, and use the different order prefixes to determine which site the order originated from. The lead digit on the Order Number will help you to distinguish the orders from each site. You may have three websites on the same login.
    For example, if you have three websites on the same admin login, the Order Numbers from the first site will start with 1 (example: '10000000'), the Order Numbers from the second site will start with 2 (example: '200000000'), and the Order Numbers from the third site will start with 3 (example: '300000000'). 


  2. Integrate each website to your ShippingEasy account individually. Then, use Shipping Rules to control which orders pull in from each store. Specifically, use the order prefixes (like the examples "1", "2", and "3" above) to automatically clear the duplicate orders. Learn more.
    This option allows you to set-up different branding, logos and packing slips for each store. 




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