How to: Sign up for Endicia's Auto-Refund Service

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Endicia provides a tool called Auto-Refund Service (ARS). This service alerts you to labels that appear to be available for refunds. It is a service offered directly through Endicia, so you'll need to set it up in your Endicia account on

NOTE: Endicia provides the option to have refund requests initiated by ARS; these refunds will be assessed a service fee. You may still use the normal manual refund process at no additional cost. For details, view Auto-Refund Service Terms & Conditions.

ARS is available for both your First Class and Expedited accounts. After registering each account for ARS, Endicia will alert you to labels purchased through that account which appear to be available for refunds.

To ensure that Endicia receives the refund request, you will need to cancel the label/s in ShippingEasy. The perk of ARS is that it helps identify any labels that may have slipped through the cracks.

To sign up with Endicia for Auto-Refund Service, follow these steps:

  1. Go to and proceed to log in with each Endicia accounts' credentials.
    NOTE: you can find this log in information within ShippingEasy. Learn more
  2. Once you are logged into Endicia, go to My Account >> Update Profile >> Auto-Refund Service.

  3. Please read the instructions carefully, checking the appropriate options and providing the requested information. Then Submit.  

  4. Log out of your Endicia account.  Then log into your second Endicia account and repeat these steps. 

That's it! Endicia will begin to send you email notification when their system notices unused labels that may be eligible for a refund. Just search this ticket information in ShippingEasy and cancel unused labels for a refund.


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