Why don't my Amazon orders show as Shipped, even when they have?

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The Amazon API has a lower quota on the amount of orders request made during a certain time frame. Due to this throttling, you may notice that your Amazon orders on the SHIPPING HISTORY page do not show as Shipped. You may also see the black, cloud-like "retry" button.

For other store platforms, selecting the "retry" button results in the order updating on the store and the icon disappearing. However, since Amazon makes us wait a bit before we can update your store, even clicking the "retry" button may not make it disappear when the order is not yet marked as Shipped. 

We recommend waiting about 20 minutes for the Amazon orders to update as Shipped. The "retry" icon should disappear automatically. 

ALERT:  we have identified a bug which affects Amazon orders that are combined more than once.  We recommend combining all of the necessary orders in one action to allow all of the orders to be marked as shipped. When Amazon orders are combined in multiple actions then shipped, ShippingEasy does not currently update the orders as shipped. Our developers are across this issue. 


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