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ShippingEasy provides tools for managing your Customer Addresses, making it easy to ship to repeat customers who order outside of your connected stores. 

What are my options to save customers' addresses?

What's better than a return customer? Having their contact information at your fingertips when you're ready to print their next shipping label. There are three ways your can save your customer addresses within ShippingEasy:

  1. Add customer addresses one at a time within the CUSTOMER ADDRESSES settings. Learn more.
  2. Upload a CSV file of customer addresses on the CUSTOMER ADDRESSES page.  Learn more.
  3. Save addresses as you enter them into Manual Orders.  Learn more

When uploading a CSV file, will duplicates of existing addresses be saved as new addresses?

Yes. If you upload a new CSV file of Customer Addresses, ShippingEasy will create a new record for each address in the file. This means that if you include customer addresses in the CSV file that have already been saved to your Customer Addresses settings, duplicate entries for the addresses will be saved.


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