Best of Rules: Assign unique packing slips to orders per store

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You can create different packing slips for each of your stores in place of having ShippingEasy populate the information per the fields in your STORES & ORDERS page. This helps you include return policies, branding, font or promotions that you would like to vary for each of your store platforms.You may also use order number to differentiate orders that are funneled via different stores so that ShippingEasy will know which template to assign to your orders.

To begin, create your packing slip templates

From there:


  2. Click the blue Add New button.
  3. In the field Rule Name, enter a name that describes this rule, such as "store rule".

  4. Set the "IF" condition to look for the specific store you want to create packing slips for. In this example, we use Candlestone Golf.

    Store | Is equal to | Candlestone Golf

  5. Set the "THEN" action to Set packing slip template and select from the menu to the right. 

    Set packing slip template | Candlestone Golf

  6. Save your new rule! This rule will be applied to all future shipments that are synced or added into ShippingEasy.  

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