How to: Update my store after an order has shipped

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By default, ShippingEasy is configured to automatically update your orders after you print your labels. Though, for some platforms it's better to wait to update the orders until the ship date. Learn how to delay store order updates.

Regardless of when you have set up ShippingEasy to notify your store, on rare occasion issues can occur when updating your store. The following may result in an error updating your store:

  • The order's line items were edited in ShippingEasy. Learn more.
  • Your store is disconnected. Learn more.
  • Your store is not live and is in maintenance mode.
  • You have enabled a redirect for your store's URL.
  • The API connection to your store experienced a timeout.
  • There are threshold limits set in your store.

To see if your order is having issues updating to your store:

  1. From the SHIPMENTS tab, navigate to the SHIPMENT HISTORY page.
  2. If you notice there is a black triangle by a shipment, this means there was an issue updating your store. Learn more about filtering your history for orders that failed to update to your store.

To retry sending the update back to your store:

For individual orders that fail to update:
  1. Expand the green V actions menu on the far right of the order line.
  2. Select the option to Retry Store Order updates
For multiple orders that fail to update:
  1. Select the orders all at once by checking the boxes to the left of the orders.
  2. Expand the grey Resend/Retry menu.
  3. Select the Retry Store Order Updates option. 

Wait 20 minutes and check your store for those updates.

NOTE: some platforms can take longer than others to update, but all successful updates should post within 20 minutes.


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