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What orders are synced?

ShippingEasy only syncs orders in a syncable status. The order must be in a syncable status at the time of the sync. If an order is not in a syncable status but is changed to a syncable status later, ShippingEasy will sync the order during the next sync time.

Syncable statuses and sync times are store-specific.

In the case of some integrations, the store platform sends order information to ShippingEasy. For those stores, the sync does not occur. Instead, the store pushes orders to ShippingEasy when they are in a syncable status.

How often do you refresh and download orders from my store?

ShippingEasy will automatically sync orders every 1-4 hours, depending on your store platform. However, you can use the Sync option on the ORDERS page to manually refresh your orders sooner. Learn about syncing new orders and shipments.

Some store platforms only send order data, rather than allow ShippingEasy to sync it on-demand. For these stores, the manual Sync option will be unable to pull in new or updated orders. Learn when your last order synced.

When did my orders last sync with ShippingEasy?

Different platforms have different syncing schedules, typically downloading orders every 1-4 hours. Learn about syncing new orders.

To see when your orders last synced, check the Last Store Sync information available under your store's information on the STORES & ORDERS page. Learn when your store did the last sync.

Why aren't my orders syncing?

Why doesn't the Sync option work?

Some stores do not allow ShippingEasy to manually request or download orders. Instead, these stores send the order information to ShippingEasy immediately after the order is placed. This means the Sync option will not refresh or pull in new orders for some stores.

Does the status of my order change in ShippingEasy if it changes on my store platform?

Yes, for select store platforms, ShippingEasy can recognize a change to the following statuses:

  • Awaiting Payment
  • Awaiting Fulfillment
  • Awaiting Shipment
  • Partially Shipped
  • Completed (WooCommerce REST API only)

When the status changes in your store, ShippingEasy will update the status next time your orders sync.

This behavior is supported for the following platforms:

Orders must remain on the ORDERS page for any automatic update to occur.

If the order is moved from the ORDERS page and later returned, it cannot be updated via the API.

We suggest you have all of your orders sync to ShippingEasy when they are placed, regardless of the status of the order, so that they will be in ShippingEasy when you are ready to ship.

If an order is synced to ShippingEasy from any store platform not listed above, subsequent order updates in those store platforms will not be shown (ie. address changes, order status updates). Furthermore, updating any order details in your store can prevent ShippingEasy from marking an order as shipped with a tracking number (if included), when you buy the shipping label.

Learn more about how order edits are updated from your store to ShippingEasy.

How do I update or edit my orders in ShippingEasy?

We understand orders can change, so ShippingEasy makes it possible to edit or update your orders after they have synced. The ORDERS page provides options to add or edit order notes, split or combine orders, and edit order details.

Can I sync Amazon Fulfillment Network (FBA) shipments?

Yes, it is possible to import your Amazon Fulfillment Network (FBA) shipments for Amazon USA stores. ShippingEasy cannot sync FBA orders, which are "Fulfilled by Amazon" and should not be fulfilled by a third-party system like ShippingEasy. However, once an FBA order has been fulfilled by Amazon, ShippingEasy can sync those shipments and display them on your SHIPMENT HISTORY page. Learn about importing fulfillment by Amazon shipments.

Fulfillment by Amazon shipments counts towards monthly shipping volume. View ShippingEasy plans and monthly label use.

Can I disable automatic order downloads?

Yes, you have the option to sync/download your orders on a schedule you determine. Simply turn off automatic order downloads on the STORES & ORDERS page and use the manual Sync option on the ORDERS page.

If I cancel a label or delete it in order in ShippingEasy, will the status change in my store?

No. Deleting an order in ShippingEasy will not remove the order from your store. In addition, cancelling a label in ShippingEasy will not update the shipment status in your store.




I have deleted a bunch of orders by mistake (I forgot I had checked them to create shipments) No way to recover is there a way to re-sync the orders?

Thank you,

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Hello Evie, and thank you for posting to our support center!

Unfortunately it is not possible to re-sync orders after deleting them in ShippingEasy.

At this point, we would recommend either re-entering your orders manually into ShippingEasy using the steps here: How to: Add a Manual Order

Or, exporting your orders via CSV file from your store, and importing them to ShippingEasy, using the steps here: How to: Import orders via CSV file

Thank you!


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