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What orders are synced?

ShippingEasy only syncs orders in a syncable status at the time of the sync. If the order is not in a syncable status when we attempt to sync, and is later changed to a syncable status, ShippingEasy will not sync the order, as we have already "read" that the order should not be synced. You will need to place a manual order for these shipments. Learn more.

Syncable statuses and sync times are store specific. You will need to find the guide associated with your store on in our Help Center for more information on which order statuses will show in ShippingEasy. Learn more.

Does the status of my order change in ShippingEasy if it changes on my store platform?

The status of orders from these four store types: Magento, Amazon, Volusion, and Bigcommerce will be updated on the ORDERS page in ShippingEasy when the status changes on the order in the store. This allows you to see the order status change without having to go back to the store's user interface. The status changes supported, by store type:


from Awaiting Fulfillment to Awaiting Shipment


from Awaiting Fulfillment to Partially Shipped


from Awaiting Payment to Awaiting Fulfillment to Awaiting Shipment


from Awaiting Payment to Awaiting Fulfillment to Awaiting Shipment

We suggest you have all of your orders sync to ShippingEasy when they are placed, regardless of the orders status, so that they will be in ShippingEasy when you are ready to ship.

If an order is synced in ShippingEasy from any other store platform, subsequent updates to your orders on your store platform will not be shown (ie. address changes, order status updates). Furthermore, updating any of the order details in your store can prevent ShippingEasy from marking the order as shipped with the tracking number (if included) when you buy your label for the order.

How do I update my orders in ShippingEasy?

In instances where you would like to make updates to your orders after they have synced to ShippingEasy, you will need to make a note to update the order on your ORDERS page, and change the order details on your READY TO SHIP page when you create your label. Learn more.

If the status of my order changes on my store platform does it change in ShippingEasy?

Yes, there are a few ways that ShippingEasy can update your orders after they sync. Support for order updates depend on the type of change and the store platform. Orders must remain on the ORDERS page to receive updates via the API.  Learn more.

How do I update my orders in ShippingEasy?

We understand that orders can change frequently, so we’ve made it possible to edit orders in a variety of ways directly on the ORDERS page. Here you have to option to split, combine, edit notes, addresses and more before you process the shipment. Learn more.

How often do you refresh/download orders from my store?

ShippingEasy will automatically sync orders from platforms that allow us to pull in order data via our API every 1-4 hours. You can always use our “Sync With Store” button on the ORDERS page to manually refresh these orders. Learn more.

For platforms that will only send us order data, rather than allow us to request it on demand, you will not be able to see updated orders using the manual method. Learn more.

When did my orders last sync with ShippingEasy?

Different platforms have different order syncing schedules, typically downloading orders every 1-4 hours. In order to see when your orders last synced, you can view the Last Store Sync information under your stores information on the STORES page. Learn more.

Why aren't my orders syncing?

Follow our troubleshooting guides for your store platform for possible solutions to trouble syncing your orders:

Why doesn't the "Sync with Store" button work?

Some stores do not allow us to manually request orders to be pulled into ShippingEasy. This is because these stores ‘push’ the order information to us immediately after the order is placed. Therefore, the “Sync with Store” button will not refresh any orders. Learn more.

Can I disable automatic order downloads?

Yes, you have the option to sync your order downloads on a schedule you determine by turning off automatic order downloads on the STORES page and using the “Sync With Store” button on the ORDERS page. Learn more.


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    I have deleted a bunch of orders by mistake (I forgot I had checked them to create shipments) No way to recover is there a way to re-sync the orders?

    Thank you,

    Eyewear Insight

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  • Avatar
    Jacen P. [ShippingEasy]

    Hello Evie, and thank you for posting to our support center!

    Unfortunately it is not possible to re-sync orders after deleting them in ShippingEasy.

    At this point, we would recommend either re-entering your orders manually into ShippingEasy using the steps here: How to: Add a Manual Order

    Or, exporting your orders via CSV file from your store, and importing them to ShippingEasy, using the steps here: How to: Import orders via CSV file

    Thank you!


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