Find the Sales Record Numbers in eBay | How To

ShippingEasy has found that displaying eBay's Sales Record Numbers in the Order Number column helps to locate the order. Learn how ShippingEasy references eBay order numbers.

When searching for orders within ShippingEasy, the Sales Record Number is what you will want to use to find an order. There are a few types of records numbers used that vary depending on the type of sale: auction item vs. Buy It Now.

To locate your record numbers within eBay

  1. Navigate to the Seller Hub page within eBay by clicking Sell in the top right corner.
  2. On the Seller Hub page, select Orders, and within the list of order results, there should be a column entitled "Record" showing the Sales Record number.
It is possible for this column to be hidden as eBay allows each seller to customize their Seller Hub page view. Find more info on how to customize your view


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