Best of Rules: Assign carrier selection to a batch of orders per requested service

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If you have set up your shopping cart to allow your customers to choose the carrier service for their order, you can set up a Shipping Rule to automatically apply the correct label options as soon as the order pulls in. The Shipping Rule assigns a Saved Carrier Selection based on the customer's requested service. Learn more about Saved Carrier Selections - you'll want to set them up before creating your Shipping Rule.

In this example, we are going to create a rule that will map a Saved Carrier Selection to a batch of orders based on the customers' requested services.  Learn more about batching.  

NOTE: for most Shipping Rules, the rule will only apply to individual orders.  However, if every order in a batch qualifies for the same rule to set a specific Saved Carrier Selection, then the batch will display on the READY TO SHIP page with the specified Saved Carrier Selection already in place.

Since we want to be sure that every order we select to batch on the ORDERS page also passed our rule, we will set two actions for the rule: (1) Set Saved Carrier Selection and (2) Assign to a Category. The Category makes it easy to see which orders can be batched together. For more information, watch our short video about Order Categories.

After you configure a Saved Carrier Selection and create an Order Category, you're ready to set up this Shipping Rule:


  2. Click the blue Add New button.
  3. In the field Rule Name, enter a name that describes this rule, such as "Priority Mail".

  4. Set the "IF" condition to look for the specific requested service(s) that require the use of the Saved Carrier Selection that you will select in the next step.

    Requested service | Is equal to | Priority Mail

  5. Set the "THEN" action to Set saved carrier selection and select the appropriate Saved Selection from the menu to the right.  Add an additional action to Assign to a category and select the appropriate option from the menu to the right. 

    Set saved carrier selection | Priority Mail
    Assign to a category | Priority

  6. Save your new rule! This rule will be applied to all future shipments that are synced or added into ShippingEasy.  

When you're ready to ship your orders that qualified for this rule, simply filter your orders by Category on the ORDERS page.  Then select the orders and Group as Batch.  Learn how to batch orders.


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