How to use OpenCart with ShippingEasy

OpenCart is an open source PHP-based online e-commerce solution which integrates with ShippingEasy, making it easy to receive orders and ship them to your customers.

How does it work?

The ShippingEasy for OpenCart plugin will send orders from your Open Cart store to ShippingEasy. You will see the OpenCart orders on the ORDERS page in ShippingEasy as soon as you log in. Once shipped, shipment data will be sent back to OpenCart.

What version of OpenCart is supported?

Version 1.5 is supported.

How do I install the OpenCart support?

Learn how to integrate OpenCart with our step by step guide.

How do orders get sent from OpenCart to ShippingEasy?

When an order is entered on your OpenCart store, the ShippingEasy for OpenCart plugin will send the order details to your ShippingEasy account.

Is there a periodic synchronization of ShippingEasy with my OpenCart store orders?

No. Orders are sent by your OpenCart store via the ShippingEasy for OpenCart plugin. The orders are sent as soon as they are entered, so there is no delay.

What happens if I click the Sync with Store link on the ShippingEasy Orders page?<

For your OpenCart orders, Sync with Store has no affect.

Are all orders automatically sent from OpenCart to ShippingEasy?

No. Only orders created with a status that you select to sync will be pushed into ShippingEasy.

This can be configured within OpenCart on the ShippingEasy plugin Shippable Orders States page. Select the order status values that you want ShippingEasy to use for determining whether an order should be sent automatically when the order is created. Typically, only orders that have an OpenCart status of "processing" and "pending" are sent automatically, but you can select additional status values.

How do I get existing OpenCart orders sent to my new ShippingEasy account?

On the order page in OpenCart, click the Send to ShippingEasy button.

How do I know if an order was sent to ShippingEasy?

Each attempt to send an order to ShippingEasy results in an entry in the OpenCart log. To see the entry, click System and then Error Logs.

Scroll to the end of the display to see the latest entry.

If I cancel an order in OpenCart, will it automatically be canceled in ShippingEasy?

No. You will need to clear the order from the ORDERS page in ShippingEasy. Learn more.

What information is sent back from ShippingEasy to OpenCart?

Once a label is purchased for an order, ShippingEasy will update OpenCart with the carrier, service, tracking number, shipping cost, and a "Shipped" status. This information is displayed on the History tab of the order screen in OpenCart.

What happens if I split an OpenCart order in ShippingEasy?

After an order is pushed into ShippingEasy, you have the option to split it.

When the first part of a split order is shipped, the order will be marked as "Shipped".  In addition, the carrier, service, tracking number, and shipping cost will be sent to OpenCart. This information is added to the Messages section of the Order Detail screen in OpenCart.

When the remaining portions of the order are shipped, the status will not change. However, the carrier, service, tracking number, and shipping cost will be sent to OpenCart. This information is added to the Messages section of the Order Detail screen in OpenCart.

Will the shipment information be sent back to OpenCart if my web site uses HTTP instead of HTTPS?

No. ShippingEasy can only send shipment status information back to an OpenCart store if the web site is running on HTTPS.

Does ShippingEasy support OpenCart SKU values for my products?

Yes. These are displayed as the SKU in ShippingEasy.

You can view this data on the ORDERS page. Learn more about customizing which columns of data display.

Product SKUs also enable you to make use of the Product Catalog. Learn more.

Does ShippingEasy support OpenCart options for my products?

Yes. If you define entries for your product on the Options tab in OpenCart, the selected options data will be sent to ShippingEasy. Learn more about configuring ShippingEasy to display product options.

Does ShippingEasy support the shipping method requested for my OpenCart orders?

Yes. On the ORDERS page, you will see the shipping method listed in the "Requested Services" column. Learn more.

If I combine two orders in ShippingEasy, do both orders get updated in OpenCart?

No. Only the "surviving" order that you selected in ShippingEasy for the address of the combined orders will be updated in OpenCart.


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