How to: File a claim with Shipsurance

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While we all hope to avoid the need to file a claim, insurance is there for those unexpected situations. Fortunately, when the occasion arise, ShippingEasy makes it easy to file a claim with Shipsurance. We even provide a short-cut in app to a pre-filled claims form.

Before you initiate a claim, complete the following checklist:

  1. In the case of damage, enlist your customer's help:
    • Ask your customer (the recipient) to keep all packaging materials and damaged in the original form, as received. They must keep the packaging and items until the claim has been completed. In other terms, nothing should be returned to you (the shipper) until the claim has been settled.
    • Request a written statement and pictures of the damage items. This will help the both of you complete a recipient affidavit later on.
  2. Notifying the carrier of the loss or damaged package.
  3. Plan to file the claim at the proper time, per the carrier and reason:
    • File and provide all required documents within sixty (60) calendar days from the date of shipment.
    • If the shipment is sent via the United States Postal Service (USPS), complete claims must be submitted and received by Shipsurance within one hundred and twenty (120) calendar days of the shipment date.
    • USPS claims for loss must wait 21 calendar days (Domestic shipments) or 45 calendar days (International shipments) before filing claim with Shipsurance.


To initiate a Shipsurance claim from ShippingEasy:

  1. In the top right corner of the page, type in the Order #, Tracking #, or Recipient into the Global Search Bar.
  2. If the shipment is eligible for filing a claim, the Insurance value is displayed. Clicking the insured value pops open details about the shipment's insurance coverage.global_search_shipment_history_info.PNG

  3. Follow the blue Make a claim with shipsurance link.
  4. A new window with a partially pre-filled claims form will open. Verify that the fields are correct and complete any blank fields.
  5. If everything in the claims form is accurate, select the Submit Claim link on the bottom of the page.
  6. During the claims process, Shipsurance will require you to submit a recipient statement/affidavit. The form can be downloaded from Shipsurance and completed by your customer (the recipient) or filled out online by your customer (the recipient). Be sure this step is completed. Without the recipient affidavit, the claim cannot be considered. 


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