FAQs: Postage and Carriers

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ShippingEasy integrates with seven carrier accounts: Endicia's First Class Domestic, Endicia's International & Expedited, UPS, FedEx, Globegistics, RR Donnelly, APC and DHL Express. Learn more about how to set up each Shipping Provider with our step-by-step guide.

All ShippingEasy plans include, at no additional cost, two Endicia accounts - Endicia First Class Domestic and Endicia International & Expedited. 

Endicia is a carrier partner of ShippingEasy, offering customers discounted rates for all USPS shipments. By leveraging the volume of thousands of shippers, Endicia can offer discounted rates for all USPS shipments.

Learn more about Endicia:
Learn more about UPS:
Learn more about FedEx:
More information on postage balances:


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