What data is included in the Shipping Report - Complete Shipping Report?

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Our Complete Shipping Reports includes data on all labels created in ShippingEasy within a specified date range.

The data in the report includes:

  • Ship Date
  • User
  • Order Date
  • Order Total
  • Discount Amount
  • Sales Tax
  • Store
  • Order Number
  • Ship From
  • Ship From Address
  • Recipient
  • Recipient Billing address
  • Recipient Shipping Address
  • Email Address
  • Carrier
  • Rate Provider
  • Service Type
  • Package type
  • Confirmation Option
  • Quantity
  • Weight (oz)
  • Zone
  • Destination Country
  • Destination city
  • Destination state/providence
  • Tracking Number
  • Shipping Paid (By Customer)
  • Postage Cost
  • Insurance Cost
  • Total Shipping Cost
  • Total Wholesale Price
  • Shipping Margin
  • SKU
  • Warehouse Bin
  • Item Description

If the shipment does not have data (tracking, insurance, etc.) the cell will not have information. Also, in order to see the full report, you must download it as a CSV file.

Learn more about exporting the Complete Shipping Report.


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