What is a Product Category?

We realize that keeping track of hundreds, or even thousands, of Products in your inventory, can be a lot of work. So we have made it easier with Product Categories. Think of a Product Category as a "Master SKU" that you can assign to multiple Product SKUs. Product Categories expand the possibilities of Shipping Rules, streamline custom forms, and make managing stock levels easier:

  • Shipping Rules: without Product Categories, you could write a Shipping Rule that acts on orders based on individuals SKUs. However, if you sell many similar Products, each with a unique SKU, you can use a Product Category to apply that same action to a wider range of Products. Learn how the Product Category rule works.
  • Customs Forms: simplify international shipping by saving pertinent customs information, such as item description, harmonized code, country of manufacture, and declared value. Rather than managing this data for individual Products, group similar SKUs with a Product Category for easy updates in the future. Learn how to use Product Categories.
  • Stock Levels: when Products are grouped - such as by type, location, or Supplier - you can quickly filter to these Products in your Product Catalog to view the stock levels across those related Product SKUs. This simplifies inventory reconciliation and restocking.

If Product Categories sound like the solution you've been looking for, learn more about creating a Product Category and assigning Product SKUs to your saved Product Categories.


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