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ShippingEasy has a number of helpful features that expedite your shipping process. Whether you ship two packages a month, or 2000, you can take advantage of our automated services to get your packages out the door ASAP!

Automatic Postage Refills:

Never run short on postage again! Maintain control of your postage by setting a minimum balance in your USPS postage account that automatically triggers more postage to be purchased. Learn more.


Print directly to your printer with this custom tool that works within your system hardware. With ConnectEasy, you can customize your printing preferences based on label/document type and print from multiple computers. Learn more.

Instant Rates:


For each order that you ship, ShippingEasy will remember the carrier, service and packaging type so that when another order with the same list of products arrives, ShippingEasy will automatically default to the previous shipment selections that you made and pull a rate quote for it. That order will have a rate and shipping selection displayed far left columns on the ORDERS page. Learn more.

ShippingEasy will try to get a rate quote for any orders with previous selections applied. If the rate quote is successful, a label can be purchased from the ORDERS page by selecting the order and then clicking the Buy Label button. Learn how to Buy Labels from the ORDERS page.

Shipping Presets:


Quickly apply the same carrier, carrier selection, packaging, and insurance information to your orders on the READY TO SHIP page.

Get started setting up Shipping Presets with these how-to articles:

Batch Shipments:

Quickly process up to 200 shipments at once and apply the same carrier, service, and package to the entire "batch". Learn more.

Shipping Rules:

Shipping Rules apply certain characteristics to your orders when they are synced from your store or uploaded from a CSV file. Enabling these rules allows your shipments to be sorted, assigned carriers and ready to ship without having to do anything! Learn more.

View our list of favorite Shipping Rules and detailed set up guides.

Product Catalog:

Using our Product Catalog ensures that the most current product information is automatically added to your customs forms, packing slips, shipment confirmation emails and labels. This saves you from having to enter these details onto each document. Learn more.

Buy Labels:

The Buy Labels button enables you to purchase many labels with less than three clicks from the ORDERS page.


The ultimate "Quick Ship", orders which qualify for different carrier services may be purchased simultaneously. Learn more.


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