Why was I upgraded?

As your business grows, your ShippingEasy account seamlessly grows with you. To help you stay on top of your shipping volume, we'll send notifications if you are nearing your plan limit, alerting you to the possibility of an upgrade, if and when you go over.

Accounts are checked each morning, and notifications are sent when accounts reach 90% of their volume limit. This breaks down to the following shipment amounts per plan:

Starter 45 shipments
Basic 450 shipments 
Plus 1350 shipments 
Select 2700 shipments 
Premium 5400 shipments 

Starter accounts

Automatic upgrading is not available for the legacy Starter accounts. You will receive an email notification when your account is nearing the plan limit. Learn more about shipping over Starter volume

Subscribers on the legacy "free" Starter plan who upgrade will no longer be able to access this plan and will be moved to the $5 Starter plan. 

Subscribers on the $5 Starter plan will automatically be upgraded to the Basic plan if they exceed 50 shipments.

Paid accounts

ShippingEasy will automatically upgrade you to the next plan as your shipment volume increases. Unless you opt to downgrade for the following month, your account remains on the upgraded plan.

You will receive a pro-rated invoice with the additional upgrade fee (plus applicable taxes, if any) for the month, allowing you to keep your original bill date.


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