How to use ShippingEasy with Eleventh Avenue

Eleventh Avenue is a great platform to sell your products online. ShippingEasy supports receiving orders from your Eleventh Avenue store and shipping those orders to your customers.

How does it work?

Orders are sent to ShippingEasy from your Eleventh Avenue store. These orders are shown on the ORDERS page in ShippingEasy.

How do I integrate Eleventh Avenue with ShippingEasy?

How do orders get sent from Eleventh Avenue to ShippingEasy?

When an order is received on your Eleventh Avenue store, Eleventh Avenue will connect to the ShippingEasy application and send the order details to your ShippingEasy account.

Is there a periodic synchronization of ShippingEasy with my Eleventh Avenue store orders?

No. Unlike most ShippingEasy store integrations, orders are not periodically pulled into your ShippingEasy account by the ShippingEasy application. Instead, orders are sent by your Eleventh Avenue store. The orders are sent as soon as they are entered, so there is no delay.

How do I get existing Eleventh Avenue orders sent to my new ShippingEasy account?

Since orders only get sent from Eleventh Avenue to ShippingEasy when an order is entered, your existing orders will not be sent automatically to ShippingEasy. Only new orders entered after you install and configure ShippingEasy will get sent automatically. Fortunately, ShippingEasy has tools for importing your existing orders via CSV file and uploading the tracking numbers back to Eleventh Avenue.

Learn more about managing Eleventh Avenue orders that were placed before integrating with ShippingEasy.

What happens if I click the "Sync with Store" link on the ShippingEasy Orders page?

For your Eleventh Avenue orders, "Sync with Store" has no affect.

What happens if I need to cancel an order in my Eleventh Avenue store?

If you cancel an order in your Eleventh Avenue store, it will automatically be removed from ShippingEasy as long as the order was still on the ORDERS page in ShippingEasy.

Are all orders automatically sent from my Eleventh Avenue store to ShippingEasy?

No, only orders with status "awaiting_shipment" are sent to ShippingEasy.  They will be displayed with the status Awaiting Shipment in ShippingEasy.

Are product SKUs displayed in ShippingEasy?

Are product weights displayed in ShippingEasy?

No. However, you can save this information to the Product Catalog.  Learn more.

Are warehouse locations displayed in ShippingEasy?

No. However, you can save this information to the Product Catalog.  Learn more.

What information is sent back to Eleventh Avenue from ShippingEasy?

When an Eleventh Avenue order is shipped, ShippingEasy sends the carrier and tracking number back to Eleventh Avenue.

How are the order numbers displayed?

Eleventh Avenue assigns a hyphenated number to all orders, with the first being the Deal ID and the second as the Order ID. ShippingEasy uses the only Order ID in our app. For example: 2355950-72376

  • 2355950=Deal ID 
  • 72376=Order ID

When looking up order numbers in ShippingEasy, use just the order ID to search!

If I combine two orders in ShippingEasy, do both orders get updated in Eleventh Avenue?

Yes. All line items within the combined order will be updated in Eleventh Avenue.

Are product options supported?

Yes. To display the additional product details in ShippingEasy:

  1. Navigate to SETTINGS >> STORES & ORDERS.
  2. Under your Eleventh Avenue store, click Edit store settings.
  3. Check the box to Display Product Options.

  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and Save the change.

What happens if I split an order in ShippingEasy?

Each order line item will be updated in Eleventh Avenue once it is shipped.

Can ShippingEasy send email notifications to my customers when their orders ship?

No. Eleventh Avenue will send email notifications to your customers. To prevent duplicate emails to your buyers, do not turn on the shipping confirmation email option in ShippingEasy.


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