How to: Log into my Endicia account

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Being able to access to your Endicia account is important in completing a variety of shipping tasks. If you need to request refunds for shipments on a SCAN form, track your postage purchases, obtain proof of purchase for an insurance claim, or close your account for a refund of your postage balance, you'll need to log into Endicia.

NOTE: ShippingEasy accounts created before September 20, 2017 have two separate Endicia accounts: one for International & Expedited shipments and the other for First Class shipments. These accounts have separate login credentials. Learn more about Endicia.

To log into

  1. Go to SETTINGS page and select Postage and Carriers.
  2. Click the Show Passwords link under the Endicia account to show your Endicia Web Password.
  3. Login to using the Account ID and Endicia Web Password as shown in ShippingEasy.


TIP: if you need to log into your other Endicia account, select the SIGN OUT link in the top right of Then log back in with the other account credentials.
NOTE: ShippingEasy accounts created after September 20, 2017 have a single Endicia account. Learn more about Endicia.


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