What is the cost of Shipsurance for a shipment that already has included insurance?

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Many carrier services include limited insurance coverage. However, if you add additional insurance, ShippingEasy does not account for the included carrier insurance on the package. Instead, insurance will be purchased for the full "insure to value" requested.

If you opt to add additional shipment insurance via our partner, Shipsurance, we'll automatically calculate the correct amount of insurance for you and show the estimated cost on the READY TO SHIP page.

Insurance costs are calculated by units of $100.  For example, adding $100 of insurance to a USPS shipment will cost $0.77. This "unit rate", which varies by carrier, will be multiplied by the total number of units that are purchased. 

The advantage to insuring for the full value is that you will not need to file the claim with two providers. You will only need to file with Shipsurance if anything were to happen to the package, ensuring that you will be reimbursed as quickly as possible. 


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