What happens to the insurance charge for a cancelled label?

ShippingEasy uses the Shipsurance API to calculate rates and purchase protection on your behalf. Should you cancel a label, you will be refunded for the insurance charge.

Twice weekly, ShippingEasy will reconcile Shipsurance credits for cancelled labels: early Wednesday morning and early Saturday morning. At these times, the Shipsurance credits for cancelled labels will be grouped and refunded to the credit card on file with ShippingEasy. After the pending credits are processed within ShippingEasy, it can take up to 3 business days to see the refund posted to your credit card.

NOTE: if the label with insurance was included on a USPS SCAN form, it cannot be cancelled in ShippingEasy. Instead, contact ShippingEasy at billing@shippingeasy.com to refund the insurance purchase.


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