How to: Preview a custom Email Template

ShippingEasy offers nearly limitless options to customize your shipment notification emails. If you're just getting started, take a look at how to create an email template and save it to your store.

Once you've built a template, you may want to preview the email before assigning it to your store.  We have you covered!

  1. From the SETTINGS >> EMAIL TEMPLATES page, open the template you want to test by clicking the pencil icon to the right of the template.
  2. Below the edit dialog, click the Send Test button.
  3. Manually enter the email address you would like to receive the preview email. Test emails can only be sent to the user's email address. Click Send Test.
NOTE: Selecting an email address from possible autofill options in your browser may override the email subject line with your email address.

You'll receive the test email shortly and see a preview of the template that you've designed.

A few important notes about the test emails:
  • The limit to sending test emails is 10 emails per hour. After 10 emails have been sent, ShippingEasy will then only allow one test email each hour.
  • The test email will be queued with the other scheduled confirmation emails, so there may be a delay from when you request the test email until when it actually sends.
  • The test emails use generic information that is not specifically gathered from your STORES & ORDERS settings. The test emails are intended to give you a preview of the formatting and placement of information. For example, you will not see your store logo but rather a place holder.
  • When an actual customer email is generated, we will map the information saved to your STORES & ORDERS settings. Learn more.
  • While the test email is meant as a convenience, it's possible to create an actual "test" email that pulls your settings by creating a test order. If you're testing the email assigned to your Manual Orders store, you can create a test order in ShippingEasy. If you're testing the email for your integrated store, you'll need to generate a test order within your store's backend and sync it into ShippingEasy.  Then, process the order as a normal shipment - and remember to cancel the label once you've finished your test.



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