What are the character limits for UPS labels?

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To ensure all of the information you need gets printed on your label, make sure you understand the character limits for UPS labels. 

Field Maximum character count
First/Last Name 35
Company 35
Address line 1 35
Address line 2 35
City 30
State/Province 30
Email address 50
NOTE: keep in mind that not all characters have the same "width". There are instances where the to/from address is cut off, even though the address fits within the character requirements. In these instances, please cancel the label, and rebuy it. When you re-buy, make sure to abbreviate the field wherever possible.

If you are having trouble meeting the character requirements, we recommend you abbreviate where possible.  Here are some suggested abbreviations:

N North Rd Road
S South St Street
E East Ct Court
W West Ln Lane


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