Can I delete a product listing from my Product Catalog?

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No, Product SKUs cannot be deleted. This allows ShippingEasy to maintain integrity in it's database and reports.

If you have Products that you wish to exclude from your catalog, you can mark a SKU as inactive. This will cause ShippingEasy to ignore the saved SKU values and orders will rely on the information pulling in from your store for specific SKUs. Any product marked as inactive will not be reactivated if an order with the same SKU syncs in, nor will any of its information be updated.

To mark individual products as inactive from the main PRODUCTS page:

  1. From the blue navigation menu, expand the INVENTORY tab and select PRODUCTS.

  2. On the PRODUCTS page, click the name of the product you want to make inactive.

  3. On the Product details page, click the grey Edit button.

  4. On the EDIT Products page, uncheck the box next to Active in the lower right corner of the page.

  5. Click Save Product button to complete the process.


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