Dim weight | Flat Rate Green webinar (VIDEO)

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You’ve told us that Dimensional Weight (DIM weight) is not only increasing the cost to ship a package in 2015, but also causing uncertainty due to its very recent introduction by UPS and FedEx on ground packages. So, we have simplified it! Watch the video below to clear the fog on Dimensional Weight and helping you save money using Flat Rate Green.

DIM Weight:Everything You Need to Know.

  • What is Dim Weight: 1:40 min
  • Examples of Dim Weight: 8:00 min
  • Tips to Identify Savings: 10:45 min
  • What is Flat Rate Green (FRG): 15:35 min
  • How is FRG calculated: 16:55 min
  • Examples of FRG: 20:15 min


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