If I edit an order line item, will my store order statuses still update to Shipped?

Maybe, but maybe not - it depends on the specific platform that you've integrated with ShippingEasy and which data you've edited.

When ShippingEasy sends a notification to your store to mark an order as Shipped, we will match the shipment order details with the original order details listed in your store.

ShippingEasy cannot rely on the order number as the only order identifier when updating through the API as you can have several stores set up that generate similar (or the same) order numbers. So, order details such as the Item Name, Quantity, SKU, Weight and Price are required to determine if an individual order has been shipped.

If you make changes to any of these fields in ShippingEasy, the shipment order details will no longer match the original order details listed in your store, so the order may not be marked as shipped.


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