How do I know if my package has arrived or is late?

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Making sure your packages arrive safely and on time is essential to running your business. At ShippingEasy, we make sure you can keep track of the status of all your shipments.

To do so, select SHIPMENT HISTORY from the drop down under the SHIPMENTS tab in the tool bar.

In the green label bar above the order list, find the label "Tracking Status".

tracking status sw account 2.PNG

For any shipment that has tracking, an icon will be displayed summarizing the status of your package.



undeliverable_360.png Undeliverable
no_tracking_yet_360.png No Tracking Yet
scanned_in_route_360.png Scanned in Route

For detailed carrier notes, click the corresponding "Tracking" number.  

This will direct you to the Carrier's tracking page to see the up-to-date status of that shipment.  Any delays will be noted there.


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