Troubleshoot: Syncing Solid Commerce orders

We love it when things go smoothly, but we're here to help when they don't!  If your Solid Commerce orders are not syncing into ShippingEasy, there are a few common causes.

Are your orders in a Paid status?

Only "Paid" orders will sync with ShippingEasy.  This ensures that you only ship products for which you've been paid!

Are your orders older than 14 days old?

When you first integrate your Solid Commerce account with ShippingEasy, we'll sync orders from the last 14 days.  Any orders older will not automatically download.  We recommend either adding in these missing orders manually or - for Basic and above subscribers - reach out to our Customer Success team via the email, phone, or chat links on the navigation bar and we can pull through your older orders via the API.

Are any of the missing orders eBay orders?

Most eBay shippers use PayPal to process their payments for their eBay orders. If you have an eBay account integrated with Solid Commerce, there is a setting in PayPal that must be set correctly to avoid conflicts between PayPal and Solid Commerce. Unfortunately, if this setting is incorrect, the resulting problems can affect other integrations with Solid Commerce, including how ShippingEasy syncs your Solid Commerce orders.

Fortunately, Solid Commerce has provided us with a quick fix!

  1. Log into PayPal.

  2. Go to My selling tools.

  3. Click on PayPal button language encoding under "More selling tools" at the bottom of the page.

  4. On the "Language Encoding" page, click the grey More Options button.

  5. On the "More Encoding Options" page, under the question Do you want to use the same encoding for data sent from PayPal to you?, select the following:

    • No, use:
    • UTF-8

  6. Save these changes.

After these changes, any future orders routed through Solid Commerce will sync into ShippingEasy.  If you have existing orders that need to be shipped, we recommend manually adding them one-by-one or via a CSV file


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