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Buy and Print represents the culmination of all of the hard work you’ve put into your account thus far. This is the shipping Nirvana, where 200 Labels are purchased and printed with only four mouse clicks: Buy and Print.

The name of the game is Rate Quotes. The goal is that ShippingEasy has enough information about how the Order will ship, resulting in its ability to tell you how much it’s going to cost to ship it from the Orders page.

When you have Orders combined with Rate Quotes, just select them all and hit the Buy and Print button.

There are two ways to get Rate Quotes:

  1. Shipping Rules - assign a Saved Selection via Shipping Rules.
  2. Previous Selection - If ShippingEasy sees an Order with the same Line Item and Quantity Configuration of something that you have already shipped, it assumes this new, identical Order will weigh the same and be shipped the same.

You’ll know that you’re good to go when you see a small Thumbs Up icon on the Orders page beside that order.

Learn more about how to Buy and Print shipping labels from the orders page.


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