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Buy and Print is the most efficient way to purchase labels within ShippingEasy and is capable of purchasing 200 labels of all different services and carriers at the same time. 

Step by Step Walkthrough

Buy and Print is a button on the Orders page that will purchase any label that has a rate quote and is currently selected:


You can buy and print every order on the orders screen at once (up to 200) provided they all have rate quotes. The easiest way is to use the filters on the left side to filter down to only orders with rate quotes:


Then put a check in the “Select All” checkbox on the green bar at the top of the orders page immediately to the right of the Shipping Selection:


Then hit the buy and print button, and you get a breakdown of how much it will cost, and have the option to print packing slips:


How to get Rate Quotes:

There are 3 main ways to get Rate Quotes and they have a hierarchy of priority. They are:

  1. Shipping Rules - Assign a Shipping Preset to orders via shipping rules to get extremely customized rate quotes. 
  2. Previous Selection - If ShippingEasy sees a new order that is exactly the same as an order it has previously shipped, it will automatically assign the previous shipment method used. 
  3. Instant Rate - ShippingEasy will automatically choose an appropriate USPS service based on the weight of the package. 

Check out those individual Guides for more information on obtaining reliable accurate rate quotes for your orders. 

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