How to: Add internal notes to orders

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Whether you want to leave a note for your shipping staff or a customer has changed an address and you want to flag a reminder to yourself, adding internal notes to an orders can help you stay organized!

ORDER NOTES – how would I use this?

  • Change of address – ever have a buyer email to update the address they want you to ship to? Add a note to the order. We’ll flag it and then you can update it when you’re ready to ship.
  • Buyer comments/late requests – buyers often send through additional requests post purchase. Use order notes to tag the order with these comments so things ship correctly.
  • Multiple shippers – do you have more than one person doing your shipping? Use these notes to communicate between shifts and people. More communication, fewer mistakes.

ShippingEasy allows you to add internal notes at two stages in the shipping process: on the ORDERS page before you pick your shipments, or on the SHIPMENT HISTORY page, after your print your labels. 

From the ORDERS Page:

  1. Select the arrow dropdown from the right hand column next to the order you would like to add a note to and select Add Notes.

  2. You can also select Add Note from the filter boxes on the left hand column on the ORDERS Page.

    add notes from filter box.PNG

  3. A modal will popup with the order number, recipient name and a notes field where you can enter information.
    These notes will be purely for internal purposes and will not appear on any confirmation emails, labels or packing slips.
  4. Select Save.

    add internal notes to order.PNG

  5. To confirm and view the note has been added, you will see a comment icon next to your order number. Click the order number and the note will appear at the bottom of the Order Details rollover.

    note cloud select.PNG

  6. To edit the note, go back to the order, select the action drop down and Edit Note

    edit notes.png
  7. Now you can edit the note and select Save.

    edit notes to order.PNG
  8. When you go to ship the order, these notes will also be available to view on the READY TO SHIP page as a reference.


  1. Locate the order using the filters on the left side of the page or using the search box.
  2. Click the green V menu button to the right side of the order and select "Add internal shipment notes".

  3. Edit the note in the modal box and select Save.

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  • Avatar
    Harvey Lindquist

    We use the INTERNAL NOTES quite often (between sales dept and warehouse). It would be nice if there is an UPDATED box to check when a note is changed....and then the blue ICON either blinks on and off or changes color to let the others know that the note has been updated.

  • Avatar
    Jacen P. [ShippingEasy]

    Hello Harvey, and thank you for visiting our support center.

    We appreciate the feedback and suggestion.

    Would you consider reposting your specific needs and interest to our Feature Requests forums? These are monitored by our CEO and Product Team and used to prioritize future development work.

    Our Feature Requests community has considerable influence on the course of our development and the more interest we see for certain features or integrations, the more likely they will be added to our app.

    We look forward to seeing you in the Feature Request forum and taking an active role in helping to shape ShippingEasy!

    Thank you and happy shipping!

    Edited by Jacen P. [ShippingEasy]

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