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ShippingEasy makes shipping...well...just that - easy! Each page in the application is a step in the process. You can go with the flow, and print labels step by step, or take advantage of some of our time saving options to skip steps along the way.

Learn how to print your first label in less than 10 minutes with our Express Shipping video.

Print labels step by step: 

  1. ORDERS page: Create a shipment.


  2. READY TO SHIP page: Select a carrier and service.

  3. READY FOR PAYMENT: Review your purchase and pay for the label.

  4. READY TO PRINT: Print the label.

  5. SHIPMENT HISTORY: Keep a record of your shipment.



If you'd like to save even more time and skip one or more steps, first you'll need to integrate your printer with ShippingEasy using ConnectEasy. Learn more.

Then you'll have any of these options available:

Print labels directly from the ORDERS page:

  1. Set up at least one Saved Selection.
  2. Process your label directly from the ORDERS page.

Print labels directly from the READY TO SHIP page:

  • Choose to Print Now on the READY TO SHIP page.

Print labels from the READY TO PRINT page, but bypass opening a PDF:

  1. Choose Print Later from the READY TO SHIP page.
  2. Print labels one at a time or multiple at once on the READY TO PRINT page.


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