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If you haven't already created a batch shipment and assigned rates -  view our step by step guide to find out how. If you have, then the labels will be grouped and awaiting printing on your READY TO SHIP page.

      1. To get there, hover over the SHIPMENTS tab from any page in your ShippingEasy account. Select READY TO PRINT.

      2. Once there, locate the batch you created in the "Purchased Labels" box. To print, click the green Print icon under status/actions.

        Domestic batch print label.PNG

      3. If you'd like to combine the batch with another batch or other orders, click on the box to the left of the orders. Next, click on the "Combine & Print Selected" button. From the drop down menu, select if you'd like to combine "Labels", "Packing Slips", or "Labels + Packing Slips".

        combine batch labels print.PNG

      4. The labels will group as one large batch and move to the "Print Queue" box to the right. From there, click the green Print icon under status.

        print queue batch orders.PNG

      5.  A new tab will open up with a pdf file containing the batch of combined labels you've just created.

        batch labels.PNG

      6. You can view a history of all of the batch labels that you have created in the past 24 hours in the "Batch History" section that is located next to the "Print Queue" box.

        batch history domestic batch.PNG

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