Shipping Your First Order

This guide will walk you through shipping your first orders within ShippingEasy.

Video Walkthrough

If you prefer, feel free to watch the short video that covers the information in this section and follow along on your account:

Step by Step Guide

Instant Rate

The easiest way to ship is to use Instant Rate, where ShippingEasy automatically assigns a USPS service based on product weight. If you know your product weights are accurate, and you see a rate next to the order, you can just click the rate to purchase the order:


If you see a yellow caution sign, hover over it to see what is preventing us from providing a quote. You can then click the “Fix” button to resolve the issue and get a quote.


You can also select multiple orders with rate quotes and buy them all at the same time by clicking the Buy Label button:

For more information on instant rate, check out our guide here: FAQ: Instant Rate


Create Shipments

If you ship using other carriers or need to weigh your orders on a scale you can move them to the READY TO SHIP page. To move orders individually, select the orders, and hit “Create Shipments.”

If you have multiple orders that are going to ship using the same carrier, carrier service, and packaging, you can select all those similar orders, and click “Group as Batch”

This will move the order(s) to the READY TO SHIP page:

On this page, select the order on the left side:


Then choose a carrier, carrier service, and packaging from the drop-downs in the middle of the screen:


Then update the weight and dimensions below that:


When the left side is filled out, you have additional shipment options on the right, including post-dating the label, adding confirmation receipt, or shipment insurance:


Once you are happy, purchase the label by clicking “Print Now” or “Print Later”


Print now is only active if you have Connecteasy Installed and Configured. This will immediately send your labels to your printer. See this article for how to do that: ConnectEasy

If not, click print later to purchase the label and send the order to the READY TO PRINT screen.

On ready to print, use the “Print All” drop-down to print all your labels at the same time, with or without packing slips:


This sends them to the right side of the screen, where you can use the print button to open the PDFs and print them like any other document:


Be sure to check out the “Advanced Shipping Setup” guide on the left side of your screen for tips on automating this process.

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