How to: Check CSV uploads for duplicates and delete them

When you have a lot of data, Excel can be cumbersome to work with. A common issue users face is identifying duplicate data in a time-efficient manner. This is especially true for ShippingEasy users, who often want to find duplicate shipping data (such as Order #'s or Tracking #'s) before uploading their CSV file to our platform. In order to help, we've provided the steps and accompanying images to walk you through the process of identifying duplicates.

Highlight the column(s) w/ the common identifier (eg Order #).


Conditional Formatting - this is the "Home" Tab, "Styles" List

  1. Click "Highlight Cell Rules".

    image 2.jpg
  2. Click "More Rules".

    image 3.jpg
  3. Select "Format only unique or duplicate values" and then click "Format..."

    image  4.jpg

  4. Select the color you would like to highlight the rows in; we have used Yellow:

    image 5.jpg
  5. Click "Okay"
  6. Click "Okay"
  7. Now, the duplicate Order #'s are highlighted in Yellow.

    image 6.jpg

How do I delete these duplicates?

  1. The first step is to apply a filter, which can be accomplished by clicking the following icon, located at the top of your Excel document. Select "By Cell Color" from the drop-down menu. Note: make sure you select the proper column before doing this so Excel knows which data it's applying the filter to.

    image 7.png

  2. Your document should now look something like this:

    image 8.png
  3.  Now, simply highlight these cells and delete the data within them. Once you do this, your Excel document will look like this:

    image 9.png

There you have it! The duplicates are deleted and your file is ready to be uploaded!



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