How to: Merge multiple columns of data in Excel without losing any data

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Many shippers sell products on a platform that does not integrate directly with ShippingEasy. For these orders, uploading a CSV file is the fastest way to create orders in ShippingEasy. However, what do you do when you need to merge multiple columns - such as "Item Descriptions" - so that they can all map to one field, without losing any of the data?

Here are some steps to follow if you are using Excel:

  1. Insert a new column where the data will be stored.
  2. Name the first cell of the new column.
  3. Add the Formula:   =A1&" "&B1&" "&C1&" "....etc
    Please note the following:
      • The letter "A", "B", etc needs to reflect the letter of the columns that will be combined. 
      • The number "1", etc needs to reflect the number of the row that is being referenced.
      • There needs to be a space in between the quotes, which will ensure that the data is merged with a space between the values.
  4. Hit enter and the data will now be merged for the one row or entry.
    To copy/paste the formula for all rows/entries:
      1. Select the cell with the formula and copy.
      2. Hover the cursor over the bottom right corner of the cell to display a "+" symbol.
      3. Click here and hold the mouse while dragging down the cell to the last row/entry.
      4. This should auto calculate for all the cells.  If not, go to "Formulas" and on the right there should be a button that says "calculate sheet".
  5. Now all the data has been merged into one column that can be mapped to a single field using the CSV upload tool in ShippingEasy!


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