How to: Export tracking numbers back to my original CSV file

ShippingEasy has the option to upload new orders via a CSV file. Once you've processed these orders, we make it easy to add the tracking numbers back to the original file. This makes it easy for you to upload the data back to your store.

To export tracking numbers back to the original CSV file:

  1. Go to the ORDERS page and click the Upload Orders link displayed above the green table header.

    upload orders highlighted.PNG

  2. Click on the "Upload History" tab.

    upload history tab.PNG

  3. Locate the original CSV file and click the green Generate button.

    upload history generate.PNG

  4. When the tracking numbers have finished loading, the button will display as Download. Click this button to download the CSV file back to your computer.

    cvs download button.PNG


Now you're ready to upload your file to your store!

ALERT: if after importing your CSV file, you combine two orders, there is currently a bug affecting how the tracking numbers for these orders are exported. Only the surviving order will be present in the CSV file; the non-surviving order will be removed from the file. In short, there will be no record of the non-surviving order in the updated file. Our developers are across this issue. 


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