How to: Integrate your Printer w/ ShippingEasy on Windows (ConnectEasy Method)

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ConnectEasy is an application you run on your computer that enables you to easily print labels directly to your printer from the ShippingEasy application - saving time for individual label printing to either a thermal or laser printer. Before you start printing, be sure to adjust your label print settings to setup single page prints.


  1. You can find this section by clicking on the SETTINGS tab from any page on your ShippingEasy account.


  2. Next, click on PRINTERS under HARDWARE & DEVICES.

  3. Select to "Download for Windows":

    download for Mac.PNG
  4. After the installer downloads, open the install program.  The exact location will vary depending on your browser - the example shown here is for the Chrome browser running on Windows:

    open connecteasy.PNG

    If the browser does not display the file after downloading it, look in the "Downloads" folder on your computer.
  5. Click the Run button when prompted:

    run connecteasy.png

  6. If you've previously installed ConnectEasy so it"s already running, you will be prompted to shut it down.  Click Yes(If this is the first time you've installed ConnectEasy, please proceed to Step 9):

  7. If ConnectEasy is already installed, you will be prompted to uninstall the existing version. Click Yes:

    And then click Next:

    unistall connecteasy.png

    And then click Finish:

  8. Click Next when prompted to install ConnectEasy:

    welcome to shipping easy connect easy.PNG

  9. Accept the agreement and then click Next:

    license agreement.PNG

  10. Click Next on the location screen:

    welcome to shipping easy connect easy.PNG

  11. Click Next on the "Select Start Menu folder" screen:

    select start menu folder.PNG

  12. Click Next on the "Additional Tasks" screen:

    select additional task.PNG

  13. Click the Install button when prompted:

    ready to install.PNG

  14. Click the Finish button and the installation is complete (Note: Please leave the tick-box checked to "Launch ConnectEasy" so you're prompted to enter your credentials in Step 16):

    finish complete shipping easy install.PNG

  15. On the Welcome screen you must specify the ConnectEasy Identifier and Pass Phrase that are displayed on the ConnectEasy Settings page.  After you copy those values in, click Sign In and you're done!

    connect easy sign in.PNG

    connect easy pass phrase.PNG


Configuring ConnectEasy for printing is described in Frequently Asked Questions About Printing With ConnectEasy.


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